The main objectives of Kisan Sanchar are as under :

  1. To empower farming communities and rural societies through providing information and knowledge based services on agriculture, animal husbandry, and allied activities, marketing, disaster management, health, education and career counselling etc. using all possible means of media including print and electronic media, telecom communication devices and information technology.
  2. To undertake e-governance initiatives in agriculture.
  3. To setup and/or to strengthen or promote agriculture information system, agriculture information resource system, agriculture product management.
  4. To organize farmers into crop production clusters and providing them field advisory services and further linking them up with domestic as well as international markets.
  5. To setup a 24X7 helpline facility through Call Centre for farmers, innovators and Traditional Knowledge holders, NGO’s, SHG’s Farmer Clubs to develop an Agribusiness Intelligence Unit and sharing that knowledge using all possible means of communication to help farmers in increasing their crop productivity and reducing the cost of Production as well as conserving their natural resources like water etc.
  6. To assist farmers and innovators through education, research, training, and other studies for assessing the potential for creating demand for new products and to help in creating facilities for organic certification of products grown through local innovations as well as traditional technologies in marginal environment thus conserving the local environment and soil ecosystem health.
  7. To conduct organize and promote national and international seminars, conferences, workshops, training programs and study tours with/for innovators, framers, folk artists, musicians, students and scientists to meet among themselves and also with other stakeholders.